About Us

The incredible excitement of seeing women love something you’ve created. The thrill of finding the perfect fabric to complete a design. Moments we cherish with customers who become friends. Each one of these experiences are gifts from God. Our business is, and always has been about women working, creating and just doing life together. Every day we see the impact we can make when we lift each other up. Sharon and I feel a very real responsibility to honor and glorify God in our work because He has literally given everything good to us. From day one, Betty and Evie took our designs, and made them come to life. Praying for the women that would wear them someday as they sewed. Each person that has come into our company has shown up at the perfect time with just the right set of skills we needed. We know that this has not been accidental, but rather providential. Our designs always have a few key elements. They must be soft, beautiful, classic and easy to wear. Lost Petal clothing is easy to spot because of their distinctive look. The customers we have expect quality and comfort in styles that stand out.

We love our Lost Petal Linens family. It is an exciting time as we move forward. The coming year will bring so many new facets to our business. Hold on to your hat as we take this fun ride into the Fall. We think you will love your Lost Petal fashions more than ever!

Stacy and Sharon