Spring 2018!

We are so excited to get 2018 rolling!
Spring has us thinking about love… First in our hearts is the love of Christ. His great sacrifice on the cross, and victory over the grave gives us hope eternal. When we remember this, we cannot help but love our fellow man, give mercy to each other more freely and know that love always wins!

We also have a big love for our country! The tank for this summer reflects the stars and stripes that us American girls admire so much. Our hearts always beat true for the red, white and blue!

One more thing that is certainly big on the list of things we love is Baseball. Get your Baseball Pocket Tee on and get to the park! You can be comfortable and look amazing as you cheer on your favorite teams.

Our customers are at the center of every thought we have about new styles. Where are you going? What is on your hearts? Do you feel more comfortable in a tee shirt or a dress? Is there a statement you want to make? We hear your comments and requests, so look for the style that you may have inspired.
Know one thing for sure…..

We Love You!

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